About Us

My name is Laura Noland and I am the Founder and CEO of Monarch Telecom Marketing.


Since 2015, I have created and executed integrated digital marketing, communications and media strategies for telecom companies worldwide. 


After years of personal success and fast growth in telecom marketing agencies, I realized a massive marketing void exists for telecom, data center, and managed service provider (MSP) companies. I needed to lead the change. 

Laura Noland

Founder and CEO

A Bold Change for High-Quality Telecom Marketing Services

Telecom businesses that want high-quality marketing services aren’t getting a good return on investment (ROI) from using tired, one-size-fits-all strategies. Also, they want experts to lead their marketing efforts instead of agencies that say “yes” to everything. 


So, I created Monarch Telecom Marketing to eliminate the frustration and shake up an industry with old-fashioned and overpriced marketing. We offer telecom businesses, data centers, and MSPs innovative online advertising services that bring in new leads. This allows companies to focus on their main business.. 


Monarch Telecom Marketing offers innovative and all-inclusive digital marketing programs with a direct, no-nonsense approach to helping your business grow.


We have been helping numerous clients climb to the top of organic search engine results, but it continues beyond there. We work to ensure increased exposure, which means improved traffic, conversions and brand awareness. From search engine-friendly website designs that convert browsers to buyers to ongoing online marketing, our focus is getting you found and growing your business.


The marketing team at Monarch Telecom Marketing is made up of experts in website design, SEO, PPC, social media and digital PR. They are trained in advanced marketing skills take years, or even a decade, to master. We are different from other telecom marketing agencies that have self-taught or cross-trained employees scrambling to learn marketing platforms and strategies that are outside their wheelhouse.  How can you tell the difference? Easily…the process and results! 


Our telecom marketing strategies have helped companies crush their competition and become recognized leaders in their areas.


As the CEO, I am an accomplished speaker, and I have shared best practices for digital marketing, public relations, and social media with major brands and companies from New York City to Las Vegas. Now, I’m bringing these best practices to Monarch Telecom Marketing to move the industry forward and elevate our valued clients.